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Window operating system installation and repair

Operating System Installation and Repair

Perhaps your Computer or Macintosh computer is running slowly, having problems loading or new software programs prove to be "incompatible." Or, maybe a virus wiped out much of your hard drive. In instances such as these, it may be necessary to install a newer version of your operation system (OS) or reinstall your existing one. Installing an operating system can be a complicated process, but it is a necessary one to get your computer working properly again.

If your operating system is acting up and you have tried everything, sometimes the best remedy is to start fresh. We can help you start over with a fresh install of your operating system on your Computer. We will also ensure that all the proper drivers are loaded so all your devices work such as your printer, sound, video, ethernet, etc. We can also help you reinstall the software your computer had before. We also do help upgrade your operating system if that is what you prefer.

That's why at PC Vision, we install OS and reinstall OS as part of our services. In addition to reinstalling or upgrading your system, our Onsite comupter tech professionals will take care to ensure that your other devices remain in sync and up-to-date, so we'll check on the printer, sound, video, ethernet and other equipment to see if the proper drivers have been loaded in conjunction with the installations.

Our install reinstall OS services include: Operating System Install, Windows XP Install, Windows Vista Install, Windows 7 Install, Operating System Reinstall, Desktop OS Reinstall, Laptop OS Reinstall, Windows Reinstall, Notebook Operating System Reinstall, Software Install.

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