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Computer Repairs

Computer running any version of Windows need frequent maintenance and updating, PC Vision is here to support and repair computer problems.  We can repair computers such as laptop, desktop and all-in-one systems from any brand at no time. Computers can have many problems and most of the times it’s not easy to locate the problem, this is where we come in to use our expertise to locate and repair your computer problem. There are mainly two types of problem with computers, computer hardware problem and computer software problem.

Repair Computer Software Problem

Operating system is the main software that operates your computer system, having up to date operating system is the key to proper functioning of the computer. Most of the times operating system software gets corrupted either through virus, incorrect installation of drivers, malware or spyware.  Also sometimes the operating system is not up to date with its drivers or server packs, this will make the computer behave incorrectly. We repair all the issues mentioned above or any other that users face on daily bases.

Repair Computer Hardware Problem

Computer operates using hardware components such as CPU, Memory, Hard drive, Motherboard, Power Supply, Case and offcourse external power cable. If any of these components fails the computer will not work. To locate the problem which is caused by any of these components is time consuming by a regular computer user, this is where we come in to repair and locate the problem. We have repaired so many of our customers computer’s problem, either their hard drive was damaged, ram was short circuited, power supply was burned, motherboard’s circuit was damaged and so many others computer related problems.

Finding computer hardware issue is a challenging one for any computer user, you need tools and time to locate the problem. Whereas if you book one of our highly trained technicians they will be able to locate the problem quickly repair it on the spot. So to book a technician please visit our contact page.


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